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In light of international women's day, we wanted to celebrate by sharing inspirational stories of some of the women that have inspired us within the hair and beauty industry. We have a few faves but we know over time we can share them with you. We have knuckled down our list to four boss babes. So here they are, in no particular order.

Joycelyn and Rachael, Co-founders of Afrocenchix

1. Our first boss babes are Joycelyn and Rachael who are the co-founders of Afrocenchix. They have worked extremely hard to provide high quality natural, organic hair products and have a great range of hair products that help nourish and maintain hair.

Afrocenchix was birthed out of Joycelyn and Rachael's joint frustration of using countless products that claimed to be great for afro hair but did not work, so they created their own. They wanted to make sure their products were gentle enough for children.

In 2009 Joycelyn and Rachael researched and produced their first batch of hair oil where they saw there was a demand. They continued to share their knowledge on healthy hair care practices using their products and also went on to do further research to expand their range. As the demand grew, they won awards along the way such as 'Ethical and Sustainable Business Innovation’ from the University of Birmingham and Bright Ideas Award from UCL in London which helped their business expand in new directions.

Afrocenchix is a brand that not only provide high quality products using carefully selected ingredients, they also care about their British community and work with UK scientists, chemists, manufacture and suppliers in the UK. Their products are never tested on animals, their raw materials are ethically sourced and they use environmentally friendly preservatives. They also believe in taking care of the environment so their packaging is 100% recyclable and they use organic ingredients where ever possible.

Afrocenchix have gone from strength to strength and now sell their products globally. They are the first British brand specifically for afro hair available in a major retailer Whole Foods Market. They have continued to be recognised for their amazing brand wining awards, the most recent one being the We Work Global Creator award. Joycelyn's and Rachael's journey has been extremely inspiring and we absolutely love their brand. Their products are a must try! Click here to shop their range.

Melissa, CEO and Founder of Big Hair + Beauty

2. Melissa CEO and founder of Big Hair + Beauty is our second boss babe. Big Hair + Beauty came about from Melissa's frustration turned fascination on finding the right ingredients to create a hair care range specifically for curls, kinks and coils. Big Hair + Beauty ingredients are hand picked, nourishing and effective for afro's and curls.

Healthy hair and lifestyle appear to be at the core of Melissa's brand and this has been recognised by all those who use her products.

Big Hair + Beauty have been featured in top magazine's such as Grazia, Stylist Magazine, Blackhair Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Evening Standard and Vogue.

Big Hair + Beauty have gone from success to success and their products are favourites for many people. Their products are proven to provide results for healthier and nourished hair.

We are loving what Melissa is doing with her brand and is a boss babe to keep your eye out for. If you are looking for natural, high quality hair care and haven't already given Big Hair + Beauty a try, what are you waiting for? To shop their range click here.

3. The last but by far not least girl boss we love is Nancy Twine, CEO and Founder of Briogeo. Nancy was familiar with making natural hair and beauty products with her grandmother when she was young and they would always use natural, organic ingredients to make basic personal care products. As Nancy got older, she would make hair and skin products with her mother using natural ingredients. At a young age, Nancy understood that ingredients from nature can be transformed into highly affective hair and beauty products.

Nancy Twine, CEO and Founder of Briogeo

When Nancy moved to New York City, she was faced with having to exchange her home made essentials for store brought products. She quickly came to realise that the natural hair care on the market did not live up to the performance it claimed. Through this experience, Nancy used all she had learned through her grandmother and mother to birth Briogeo Hair Care.

Briogeo's collection of products are all natural based offering high quality performance for visible results.

Briogeo has gone from strength to strength and sell internationally. Recently they launched their products in the UK. Nancy was featured in Forbes sharing the success of her brand. Nancy's story is truly inspiring and she is very deserving of her boss babe status. To get your hands on some Briogeo products, click here.

We are so inspired by these amazing women who have helped shape and refine the hair and beauty industry for the better. They all have a similar story of identifying the gap in the lack of natural, well sourced ingredients used for, curly, kinky, coily, afro and textured hair that are safe, gentle and effective for these hair types. Thankfully there is a growth in good quality hair products from brands such as Afrocenchix, Big Hair + Beauty and Briogeo.

Sending lots of love to all our women as we celebrate international women's day.