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Loving your hair journey and experiences is part of the beauty to understanding and seeing your hair transform over time. We completely understand there can be some tried and tested moments along the way, but nevertheless that’s all part of the fun right!

Encouragement and inspiration here and there is useful as well as some good old general hair advice. We had a chat with blogger UK Curly Girl who has been natural now for 5 years. She transitioned after relaxing and dying her hair and documented her journey which has been an inspiration for others helping them along their hair journey. Here’s her hair journey, tips and advice

1. Tell us about your hair journey and what inspired you to embrace your natural hair?

“I always had natural hair up until college. When I was in high school, I did not like my hair at all so I was always finding ways to make it different, whether it was dying it or straightening it. I always wanted to relax it but I wasn’t allowed to so it was just about finding different ways to hide my curls. There wasn’t a lot of mixed people in my year at all and those that were, had a different curl type to mine. I had the tightest curls out of everyone and I found it hard to manage at the time, especially because there weren’t many hair products available for our hair type.”

2. What would you say you found difficult when managing your hair early on?

“I would say the shrinkage was one and also the dryness because I couldn’t find a product that worked for my hair.”

3. How did you overcome this?

“Well I relaxed my hair for about 4 or 5 years and then it got to the point where my hair was really dry because I bleached it as well, so it was just a complete mess to the point I couldn’t deal with it anymore and thought to myself, I just have to learn to deal with my hair. So that was the changing point for me. Transitioning was so trial and error. I was trying everything and anything. I transitioned without a cut, I would trim the relaxed ends here and there but my first proper cut was about a year and a half after my last relaxer in 2015. Since then I’ve kept cutting it because it just crows so fast."

4. Do you have high, medium or low porosity hair?

“My hair is low porosity.

5. What products do you find work for your hair porosity?

I always go for the Shea Moisture Jamaica Black Castor Oil Leave In conditioner. It’s the only leave in I can use to control my hair for one, and then I can use another product on top of that. So I like the Bouclème curl cream. When I use those two products, I know it’s going to be a good hair day. I love the Noughty Moisture Boast shampoo, that’s my favourite shampoo at the moment. It’s just really moisturising, hence the name. I also really like the Noughty Intensive Moisture treatment, that’s really good. So these are the products I’d say are my favourite at the moment.”

6. As we are in the colder months what tips would you to give someone with low porosity hair?

“Well it’s definitely not a time to neglect your hair because of dryness but I would say you’ve got to try and keep up with co washing between washes. Braid outs and twists out are really good. Protective styling like braids is a good option too.”

7. What are your favourite go to hair styles?

“Definitely a pineapple bun and I love a braid out.”

8. What about your hair journey would you say you’ve enjoyed the most?

“I think it’s probably the fact that I recorded it and shared it with everyone. Helping others and seeing how they have started their journey after seeing mine.”

9. Share with us some of your milestones.

“A big one was writing my book “Get Your Curls Back” and the launch event in 2017. The brunch events (an event hosted by UK Curly Girl, where natural curly’s come together and talk all things hair) in 2018. Another milestone will be when I spoke at the Shea Moisture event when they launched in the UK. They have always been one of my favourite brands and they approached me which was cool, especially as I wasn’t the biggest blogger, but they saw that I genuinely liked the brand which was nice. Being able to travel and meet other curly’s and launching O So Curly, (UK Curly girl’s business that sells satin hair accessories.)”

10. Do you have any up and coming events and how can people connect with you?

“I’ve got events coming up so the best way to stay up to date is to check my website events page www.ukcurlygirl.com.”

It was great speaking to UK Curly Girl and hearing how much she has embraced her hair journey. We hope you feel as inspired as we do! For more hair related things from UK Curly Girl, order her book, Get My Curls Back and check out her business for essential hair accessories www.osocurly.com. To stay in touch with her, follow her socials @ukcurlygirluk and subscribe to her YouTube channel UK Curly Girl.

(Photo credits – UK Curly Girl)